Start your Practice. Attune to your Essence.

While the purpose of our working life is breaking things into separate pieces, we may break into pieces as well. We analyze facts and data; we collect information; we solve problems; we are listeners and communicators for our clients and colleagues. A longing to feel whole and at ease, to connect all the pieces back to together, might be what you realize.

I am an attorney of law and used to wait for the world to be perfect, for my desk and files in it to be perfect. I was searching in the outside world and just found disconnection. A feeling of emptiness.

Self-care is more vital than ever. We all have an inner voice. Checking in even a few moments each day, breathing with an intention just a few moments lets you experience yourself. Listening to yourself leads you back to you. Be your own best communicator. Choose to care for yourself.

I am a yoga teacher with a background in traditional tantric hatha yoga, yin yoga, and the science of Ayurveda. I am always moving forward, towards my own truth. Always questioning everything. Penetrating life itself. Rather than playing sweet with it. Becoming my own concept. I am a student. Absorbing many different ways of seeing, rather than sticking to one. I am instinctual. Intuitive. I am a natural dreamer.



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