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In daily life, we compartmentalize. We break things into separate pieces to make sense of them, to get things done. We analyse facts, collect data, scrutinise information; we solve problems, complete projects, and deal with the desires of clients and colleagues, as well as with their (and our) expectations. In so doing, however, we often run the risk of breaking into pieces ourselves. Because so much compartmentalization can leave us feeling much like a human puzzle: unable to put our pieces back together.

I am an attorney of law. The prerogative in this line of work is to aim at perfection. To always keep this ideal in mind while paying attention to the smallest of details. And so, most of us really live and work under a very strict standard.

Yet, the world around us has no true care for ‘perfection,’ not really. Indeed, most of the time, this world we must perfect is very naturally imperfect. This used to leave me with a feeling of utter disconnection. Within the walls of the office, I worked hard on achieving and delivering perfection, yet every time I stepped outside it, I couldn’t but feel the fragmentation.

For a long time, I struggled to make sense of this issue by becoming really good at compartmentalizing. But the moment I first allowed myself to devote some time to self-care and to listening to the sound of my own inner voice, I realised I could have (and be) better. Self-care made the fragmentation I was feeling simply dissipate.

Indeed, checking in with ourselves if only a few minutes a day can be a real life-saver. To breathe in and out with intention. To move with awareness. To sit still and allow for our own experience of just being to come to the surface. Listening to the sound of silence, or to the sound of our own being caught in the act of being can lead us directly back to our center so we can feel whole and connected even in the face of much external fragmentation.

This is why learning to listening to our own inner voice and practicing self-care is truly so very important. This is what I can help you achieve, should you be brave enough to embark on a journey of self-exploration.


My name is Tabea Lieberum and aside from being an attorney of Law, I am also a certified Yoga Teacher with a background in Traditional Tantric Hatha, Yin Yoga, and Ayurveda. The driving force within me is always searching for truth, and this is the reason why I enjoy questioning life as it appears to be to get to the heart of things. But before being a Teaching, I am primarily a student of both life and Yoga. As such, I enjoy absorbing as much as I can from all the different ways of seeing and being I find I all around me, in order to be able to live life in as close to an instinctual and intuitive way as I possibly can.



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